Dual Enrollment

Who doesn’t like getting things done faster? That’s what dual enrollment allows you to do while you’re in high school – it’s the opportunity to take college courses while you’re in high school. The college credits count toward both high school graduation and your college transcript. Dual enrollment classes are taught by qualified university faculty at a community college campus. Your high school guidance counselor or career coach can help you apply for dual enrollment classes. There are many benefits to dual enrollment courses including:

  • saving money – many high schools have a dual enrollment program that covers all or a portion of the cost of enrolling in college courses while you are a high school student, plus by finishing your degree program more quickly you’ll reduce your future college expenses
  • •  saving time – by participating in dual enrollment classes you will likely complete your certificate or degree program more quickly enabling you to start your career or go on to pursue a higher degree
    •  an easier transition to the college environment – taking dual enrollment courses gives you a feel for what college is like and helps you prepare beforehand
  • Here's a helpful picture of the dual enrollment pathway you can take to be well-equipped for a good-paying job as a technician in the maritime and transportation industry:
  • high school dual enrollment pathway

Talk with your high school guidance counselor or career coach to learn what dual enrollment courses you may be eligible to take to get started on a career in the maritime and transportation industry.

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