You’ve invested a lot to help your child succeed in life. The question is what industry offers your child the best opportunity for their future? Where can your child find employment, learn valuable skills, earn a good salary, enjoy employer benefits, and contribute to our country’s growth and security?

The maritime and transportation industry.

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Today's maritime and transportation industry workers are high-tech, skilled workers that are performing complicated taskson land and at sea for important clients including corporations and our nation's military. They enjoy competitive pay, valuable benefits like health insurance, paid vacation and holidays, and great opportunities for career growth and travel.

There are many ways that your student can enter the industry. He or she can go...
...directly to work from high school for an industry employer as an entry level worker
...directly to work from community college after completing coursework
...into an employer-sponsored apprenticeship program the federal U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) in Kings Point, NY or one of the six state maritime academies: California Maritime Academy, Great Lakes Maritime Academy, Maine Maritime Academy, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, State University of New York Maritime College, or Texas Maritime Academy.

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With the majority of current workers at, or reaching, retirement age by 2020 your student can find a challenging job that offers the opportunity to quickly advance to higher levels of responsibility and pay. Just consider the current gap in our nation's workforce and the opportunity it offers for your student:

America's Skills Gap