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View Resource Discovering Maritime Transportation

High school level module on maritime transportation. After completing this lesson the student will be able to: -- define terms commonly used in maritime sales contracts; -- summarize laws and regulations concerning maritime trade; -- explain the role of homeland security in maritime trade; --evaluate risk factors and social and economic trends such as risk mitigation, policy change issues,...
View Resource Discovering Maritime Transportation

The transportation sector moves goods and people, employs millions of workers, generates revenue, and consumes materials and services produced by other sectors of the economy. The lessons in this module will focus primarily on aspects of Water Transportation and the impact that this form of transportation has brought to the American economy by enabling huge amounts of cargo, as well as passengers...
View Resource Lesson: Ballast System in Submarines

This lesson helps 7th - 12th grade students understand how a submarine controls its buoyancy through the use of ballasts. Students construct a model ballast system, and then learn to control its vent valves to make it submerge and surface.
View Resource Constructing a Buoyant Scuba Diver

A 50-minute lesson including lecture and hands-on lab to help students in grades 6-8 learn how organisms float, sink, or hover in water as they construct a neutrally buoyant scuba diver.
View Resource Deck and Engine Room Illustrations

Deck and engine room illustrations for U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Deck License exam.