Students: Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship is a great way to enter the maritime and transportation industry and learn a valuable craft, all while earning a competitive salary and benefits. You will need to apply for an apprenticeship program and the selection process can be competitive. If accepted you will be enrolled in a 3-5 year program where you combine both on-the-job training with practical apprentice-related instruction (ARI) offered by a local community college partner. Your apprentice program sponsor will pay for your training costs and will increase your wages as your skill level improved. During your apprenticeship you will be...
...employed full-time with the sponsor company,
...learning a skill under the supervision of an experienced craft mentor,
...earning a competitive wage with incremental increases, and
...enjoying attractive benefits such as paid vacation and holidays, health insurance, and more.

Some companies have agreements with community colleges to give apprentices college credit for ARI coursework completed. You may be able to accumulate college credit to earn a college Career Studies Certificate in your specific skill area. Some programs even allow apprentices to "stack" their academic credentials to go on an earn an Associates (A.S. or A.A.S.) degree! As a graduated apprentice you will also earn the nationally-recognized DOLI (Department of Labor and Industry) Journeyworker’s license in your skilled occupation which guarantees that you will earn competitive pay and benefits with any industry employer in the U.S!

  Anne_wernikoff_73.JPG   registered apprentice photo