Students: Career Pathways

There are many ways you can enter the maritime and transportation industry and build a rewarding, well-paying career!

If you are in high school...
You can enroll in dual enrollment courses that will allow you to earn credits for college while completing high school graduation requirements! Talk with your guidance counselor to learn what courses you should take now and if your local community college offers DE instruction in maritime and transportation industry related areas such as welding, electricial, and machining.

If you have graduated high school...
You have several options for pursuing a career in the maritime and transportation agency after graduating from high school or earning your GED. You could:
1. apply to enter the workforce directly as an entry-level worker, making a good hourly wage and benefits
2. apply to be part of a registered apprenticeship program that provides you with full-time work including a salary and benefit while you learn a trade under the supervision of an experienced craft mentor, and take college coursework. Apprentices can often earn college credit for their apprentice-related instruction (ARI) and are frequently promoted to supervisory positions more quickly than entry-level workers.
3. take industry-related courses at a local community college

If you are taking community college courses...
Ask a counselor or career coach for industry-validated courses offered at your college to gain skill training in high-demand job areas as well as the opportunity to test and earn industry certification in specific skills areas.



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