Are you at a crossroads in your current job? Wishing you could find more opportuntiies for advancement or have the ability to move across the country and still find a secure job paying competitive wages? The maritime and transportation industry needs to employ thousands of middle-skill technicians in critical positions across all four segments: seagoing, shipbuilding and ship repair, ports and logistics, and pleasure craft/boating. If you are currently working in any of the following trades in another field your skills and experience may directly translate to immediate employment in a well-paying job with benefits and opportunities for advancement in the maritime and transportation industry:

  • · electrician
  • · welderpipefitter
  • · carpenter
  • · machinist
  • · mechanic
  • · pipefitter
  • · sheet metal worker
  • · insulator
  • · HVAC/refrigeration technician
  • · paintings and coatings specialist
  • · logistics specialist
  • · network specialist


The shipbuilding and ship repair industry is comprised of some of our nation’s largest and most dynamic employers.  Companies in this industry build, maintain, repair, and overhaul all types of sea-going vessels from aircraft carriers to submarines, from cargo ships to tugs and barges. This industry takes on large-scale projects that need a workforce that is flexible, dynamic and motivated. Careers in shipbuilding and ship repair provide skilled workers with an excellent wage and career opportunities. Because major shipbuilding and ship repair companies have sites across the U.S., particularly in the southeast, west, northwest, and Great Lakes regions, employees can easily transfer within a company or to another competitor and earn the same wage and benefits.

Ports and maritime-related transportation logistics move everything we use as a society from the location of raw materials, to areas of production, and finally to market where the good are sold. Our nation's ports and transportation systems are intermodal - moving from ship to train to the roads on semi-trailers and back again. We move raw materials and finished goods to be sold to all corners of the globe. The transportation and logistics industry is a dynamic place to work where change is the constant. If you like to solve challenging problems and you have a mission-driven attitude - a career in maritime-related transportation and logistics may be for you.

If you are interested in an interesting and dynamic career while traveling the world on the high seas, the seagoing segment of the maritime and transportation industry could be for you! Everything from maintaining massive engines that power large ships, to piloting these large craft, to cooking meals for those on board are jobs available to those who have an urge to wander the globe via the high seas. Some jobs require specific Coast Guard certifications and study through our nation’s maritime institutions while others require a passport, security clearance and a willingness to work.

Our nation has a love affair with recreation and sporting activities including boating for recreation. The pleasurecraft/boating segment of the maritime and transportation industry is large and includes careers in designing, producing, repairing and maintaining yachts and pleasure craft for our hard-working Americans when they finally take some time to play. Mechanics, designers, service technicians ,and marina personnel all work to keep the fun in the recreational boating industry. If you enjoy working with others who are out to enjoy themselves - the pleasure craft and boating industry may be just the thing for you.